Flechazo Celebrating Mediterr Asia
opposite Rainbow Hospital in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Flechazo means “love at the first sight “in Spanish, But this MediterrAsian restaurant, the dream destination of food lover is there to make you fall in love again and again. Flechazo is part of Eka Hospitality group. ‘Eka’ means the one and only; the pre-eminent; it means unique; that which happens only once; that which is sincere, truthful. ‘Eka’ is unity – of thought, intent, purpose and delivery. And they are successful in delivering the unique experience through their first restaurant located opposite Rainbow Hospital in Marathahalli, Bangalore.

They take you to the gourmet food journey through their Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, Turkish, and Greek food. The display of hot food as well as cold food is real enormous.  Won’t be surprise if some bureaucrat of Ministry of Food and Public distribution must have visited the place and got the idea of fixing the portion size, looking at their vast display of live and counter food.

The appetizer display on conveyer belt is treat to eyes. Chaat, Sushi, Tapas, Dimsum – all score maximum in taste as well as presentation. They have enough LJs- Live Jockeys whether its Chaat counter, Pizza counter, Ice cream counter or live grill counters. So many selfie points have been created to upload your snaps on digital media. You can actually wear the apron, gloves and Chefs Cap and experience the every aspect of making Pizza- from flattening the dough to spreading salsa to adding your favorite toppings to spreading the cheese to baking it—you can do all by yourself under guidance of ever smiling Chefs.. And believe me the end result can be cherished for long long time.

Shawarma is served on your table. Murgh Malai Kebab , Mutton Roganjosh and Prawns in garlic butter are out of the world. Pan flavored ice cream garnished with gulkand was made instantly using liquid nitrogen. Not to forget the way they celebrate your birthday/anniversary.. Entire staff will dance with you and cut the cake. The gratitude on customers’ face after celebration is testimony of their appreciation about how time was spent at this place. Actually the don’t need Customer feedback form .

Staff are  big asset here. From restaurant hostess to your service partner… from Restaurant Manager to  Chefs- every one looks after you and  make you feel so special that reminds of your first visit to In-Law place just after marriage. Not sure how many young girls must been killed every day by genuine charming smile of their executive Chef. These people are genuine and all profit making airlines can take a leaf out of this place about training the staff, if they want to remain profitable for some more quarters as hospitality plays a major role after crude pricing in their bottom line.

Must visit place for quality time you want to spend by yourself or with your F&F.


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